Healthcare software development

We serve a wide range of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, pharmacies, dental clinics, hospice homes, and rural critical access hospitals. They tap into our end-to-end web and mobile development services to improve complex medical workflows and revamp care quality.

Every step our medical app development company takes is to bring your app to the masses and create an innovative solution to help thousands of people worldwide.

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Telemedicine solutions

EHR/EMR solutions

Patient Portals

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DCMK offers fintech software development services for international clients of any size. As an experienced fintech software development company, we are ready to provide you with reliable software solutions. Our financial software developers build custom scalable digital products in a timely fashion.

When it comes to finance application development, security is crucial. We build robust and user-friendly applications that increase revenue, improve efficiency and focus on the customer-centric processes.

Our goal is to help financial organizations to develop efficient strategies for managing, analyzing, and storing a huge amount of customer data to provide high-quality services.

Wallet of Things

Intelligent CRM

AI-Enabled FinTech Solutions

Retail / eCommerce

If you run an online ecommerce business, then the need for a highly interactive and user-friendly eCommerce app is inevitable. If you are looking for some high-end, professional eCommerce development solutions, then we, at DCMK, are here to help you out. We offer highly efficient and customized ecommerce development services that are tailor-made to fit your diverse business needs. With years of experience in the given field, our team of highly qualified and competent ecommerce developers helps in creating customized eCommerce apps towards promoting your brand effectively.

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E-commerce app UX/UI design

E-commerce app creation

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Travel & Hospitality

We set goals for ourselves to meet your business’ goals through open communication and strategic expertise. We are implementing complicated projects for large corporations and small startups and have perfect knowledge about the process along the way. Our project manager’s strategy is focused on business goals and achieving high-quality results.

As a part of a travel community, whether you’re a startup, established company or a passionate traveler, it’s advisable to have a digital presence and at DCMK, we provide the full range of services to help you do that.

App Consulting

Travel App Design

Travel App Support


We offer custom media and entertainment mobile app development solutions which are designed to not just make your brand a household name but also to keep your brand above the ever-growing crowd of entertainment mobile apps.

Our team is skilled in developing entertainment apps that not just keep the users engaged but also make them brand evangelists.

We Introduce the most innovative of next-gen industries into media & entertainment industry app development:

  • – AR/VR
  • – Artificial intelligence
  • – Blockchain
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Audio & video streaming

Real time content update

In-app purchases

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Offering eLearning Solutions to Digitally Transform Your Business

We understand that Mobile learning applications are the need of the hour. Whether you are a business looking to impart training or an educator wishing to deliver courses or appraise learner performance in real-time, our mobile applications do the job efficiently.

From microlearning applications with progress tracking to corporate virtual training platforms with the complex infrastructure, we create solutions that not only provide users with a great learning experience but also encourage inclusiveness and cultural growth.

Corporate training apps

Skill boosting apps

Induction & orientation apps


Our hand-crafted solutions make dining easy and food delivery efficient. No matter how you are looking to innovate the food and restaurant industry, we plate up a variety of restaurant solutions to help you serve your diners better.
Digitalizing food order and delivery industry by bringing thousands of restaurants and millions of diners on one platform.

We redefine the dining experience of millions across the globe by bringing the simplicity of ordering online and comfortable delivery on their doorsteps. We are here for all your stakeholders – whether they are one or four.

Our restaurant mobile app solutions are devised to simplify the complex backend tasks while making the process of ordering and delivering food in-restaurant and at home efficient.

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Restaurant finder app development

Food delivery app development

Restaurant discounts app development

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We are the specialists who develop an arena that brings together sportsperson, coaches, and viewers.

With the world getting better with disruptions and innovations, the Sports Industry should not fall back. Our team of sports app developers is playing their part in seamlessly merging the sports sector with technologies.

We employ our comprehensive knowledge about the different activities and products, right from workouts to diet and nutrition.

This is why our team of sports apps experts invest the best of time and effort into crafting digital solutions that take your business to new heights and offer ample opportunities.

On-demand sports coach app

Real-time score updates

Communication tools