Quality Assurance


Ensure your software quality every step of the way

Our expert quality assurance team tests and iterates on functionalities to make sure the entire product works flawlessly and users get exactly what they love. We never let any piece of our code be considered as done and sent to live before being manually tested by our QA engineers. At DCMK we provide end to end quality assurance services. Our testing solutions have proven to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and guarantee high performance.

Deliver your product with confidence, no matter what your ideal partnership may be.

We test functional and non-functional software features to deliver an outstanding user experience.

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Functional testing

Smoke testing, Integration testing, System testing, Regression testing, User Acceptance Testing, Unit testing.

Accessibility testing

Make your application, web or mobile, accessible to all your end-users. We perform accessibility audits to your system to ensure the right level of compliance.

Automated testing

Automated testing for web and mobile applications, creating custom made automation plans to obtain the highest ROI.

Security testing

Source code review, Penetration Testing QA, Vulnerability Scanning, Testing against sensitive data exposure and security misconfiguration.


What are the steps in Quality Assurance?


Software analysis is the first step of the QA process. This step is essential to determine the goal and define requirements to test software.

QA Test Planning

As a web development company at this stage, our mission is to get a comprehensive vision of the project.

Test Design

Designing tests is the third step of the QA process. QA teams ensure that each test contains the appropriate conditions, data, and steps to validate functionalities.

Testing and Reporting

Testing and reporting is the fourth step of the QA process. Developers begin administering unit tests to later have the QA team tests at API and UI levels to detect all bugs.


Re-testing is the fifth step of the QA process. Once bugs have been identified and fixed, retesting will verify the changes.

Run Release Tests

Release testing is the final step of the QA process. Developers release details of implemented changes of fixed bugs, features, etc. The QA team ensures that the implemented changes have not affected the functionality of the product.

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